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The sweet stuff

There are quite some interesting things you might want to take a look at.
  • For distributed computing there is a need to scan the local area network, so here you have to potentially handle multiple networks some of them may use IPv6 protocol so I've written a few functions that can work with both IPv4 and IPv6 they can do IP range scanning and some other cool stuff, you can find them in NetworkController class. So if you are looking for a class that can handle increasing/decreasing both types of IP addresses and is compatible with IPAddress class or just raw bytes you are, I would hope, on the right place. Also I have noticed there is a bit of a demand for a fast but easy to implement network scanner or if I put is simply "getting all visible computers on my network", the code in here can handle thousands of potential computer addresses in a second.
  • GPGPU is handled in the following way. If you are using NVIDIA then CUDA is used directly as it gives better results than OpenCL. If there is something wrong with CUDA or if you are using ATI, INTEL or IBM GPU then OpenCL is invoked. And if none of the technologies are either available or have problems, GPGPU is of course not used.

Code navigation

At first glance you might think you will find it difficult to find whatever you want. But do not fear. I have decided to pack all the code in one file because of its interconnectedness. Thanks to incredibly awesome modern IDE tools code navigation is a breeze. To see code structure use Class View (press ctrl, w, c) and Object Browser (ctrl, w, j) you can find them under main View menu. This provides you with the same view as every class, delegate, struct... would be in separate file in other words, you find it instantaniously.

Code description

I did not provide any specific code comments. I would hope the code is pretty much self explanatory but as that is quite relative to many things I will write a general code overview in the future to make things easier for everyone at any time and place. You can always contact me if you need anything.

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