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Important Instructions

  • If you want to use distributed computing please make sure that you turn on file sharing/network discovery on your computer so that your computer will be visible and accessible on the network.
  • Add an exception for this software in your firewall, either build in Windows firewall or some other solution you might have. Otherwise you will not be able to use distributed computing.
  • Do not elevate program permissions (don't run as administrator) if you want to use drag and drop operations. This is enforced by Microsoft and generally it is a good thing, because it helps prevent elevation of privilege attacks. If drag and drop does not work try creating application shortcut yourself or run program from its install directory

Useful information

  • When processing images you can pause application and change settings, on resume these new settings will be applied to the remaining files.
  • Application will always prioritize local user, if it is doing some distributed work for other computers, you can always stop current operation or just drag/select your local data in application and it will do the work for you.
  • If you want to change default settings just click "Save current application state as default" this will save your size, quality, overwrite, distributed computing and other settings. Note: click little arrow in the bottom/middle to expand settings.
  • After processing is completed and you get "Done!" message, you can click on it to open save directory/file.


Image Quality Slider
Use it to adjust image quality (jpeg images will benefit the most)

Width and Height
Image ratio is locked to keep things easy and simple for the user. You can enter ether Width or Height of the image the opposite dimension value will be computed automatically.

Overwrite existing files
If you want to overwrite any files with the same name (and extension) in the save destination you should check this. Otherwise files will stay intact.

Use only distributed PCs
If checked application will try to use only other computers on the network for processing and will try to avoid doing work locally. This setting is ignored if "Never use distributed PCs" is checked.

Available for distributed
If checked application is available to other local PCs for distributed computing when idle. (checked by default)

Never use distributed PCs
If checked application does all the work locally, this does bring a bit snappier experience for smaller number of files. (checked by default)

Always save as JPEG
Convert images with different formats to jpeg. Generally this will improve image compression substentially (if images are not already jpeg). When resizing just one image you can always select desired format in the combobox. (checked by default)

Always on top
This keeps application on top of other windows, it is much easier to drag and drop images when you can find you window to drag to. (checked by default)

Save current application state as default
This will save all current settings as default, so the next time you run application these settings will be applied.

Situation handling and behaviour

  • When application processes directories and sub-directories it will only resize and resample supported file types and save them to the selected destination, other files will not get copied over.
  • If the new size of the image would be invalid, for example your original image is sized (100px, 1px) and you request image with width 50px so new height should be 0.5px (invalid) than the closest approximation for the new requested size is calculated and processed. In this case that would be (100px, 1px) so the same as original. But if you had image sized (100px, 2px) and you requested image with width 40px you would get image sized (50px, 1px) so again, the closest approximation but this time not the same as original.

Other information


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