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What is it

Generally this software is used for making images smaller by converting them to different format, reducing quality, resolution or both. It supports tree structure, so it can resize/resample every image on your hard drive with ease.

This tool offers an Amazingly simple batch image conversion, just drop the images/folders into application, select save location and you're done. 

With the use of some great technology such as GPGPU - using your video card for processing images and distributed computing - using computers connected to your local network and their resources to do part of the processing. 

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  • Amazingly simple batch image conversion
  • Select image quality and size - you can also leave this step out
  • Drag and drop images/folders in application
  • Select image/images or folder from "Select" menu
  • Select save destination, create new folder or select existing destination/file
  • Expand settings with little arrow in the bottom/middle
  • Install software on multiple computers on your local network and run it
  • Convert images to different formats

Focus of this project

  • Ease of use
  • Performance and Scalability
  • Robustness
  • Using CPU and GPU for processing
  • If available uses other computers on LAN/WLAN (distributed computing)


  • .NET Framework 3.5 of higher
  • For GPGPU boost you will need NVIDIA, ATI, INTEL or IBM GPU that supports GPGPU (list bellow)

Supported image formats



  • OpenCL
  • OpenCV
  • .NET Framework
  • IPv6

List of supported video cards

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